sobota, 23 lipca 2011


Marcin Swietlicki - Universities

Nothing to be ashamed of: the boy studied
in the attic – any other education
is unnecessary - when it was morning he set sail
towards the bed – climbing the stairs
- blocked the entry off with a wardrobe – treading confidently
through the middle of the attic itself – and the spiders strained
with discipline on their
guard posts.
The boy undressed, stayed and soaked.

Heaven spoke through the hole in the roof,
and birds spoke through the heaven,
through the birds spoke the hands of deaf-mute
God. All the good
comes from the deaf-mute.

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  1. Great post mate, the blog has promise! Interested to see what else is going to come from it! +following for support

  2. very nice read! will keep an eye for your updates :)