niedziela, 24 lipca 2011


Marcin Swietlicki - Laying

Or maybe I am just a monster,
monster on vacation?
I am laying on the beach wearing black glasses
staring at the proto-heaven
I am staring at the proto-heaven, I would not
bear his May proto-shining if it were not for the vacation
I would not bear the shining, I am usually hiding
in dungeons from the hunt.
It's the brightest in here. Here, under the proto-street lamp.
I am the monster on vacation.
I am kissing the bright specter in the Proto-sun
Pinch me, pinch me – I am murmuring towards the specter

7 komentarzy:

  1. Great read, very deep. Hope you keep posting

  2. Wow, that is real beautiful!

  3. thank you! finally something interesting to see in the internet! congrats

  4. Pretty cool, I like your style. Keep up the good posts.

  5. Very cool. Not just like every other poem you hear.