niedziela, 4 września 2011


Blogger recommendation: Flying Teapot

My recent post have been dedicated to weird art (frankly, the whole blog is devoted to promotion of alternative art). These mangas are particularly unpopular among mainstream consumers mostly due to the radical approach of their authors. Normally, people don't want anything that is that emotion-stirring.
I feel happy to say that I am not the only freak interested in such. Flying Teapot is the man behind a blog promoting alternative art, too, or so would I describe the stuff the guy posts. The content is highly varied, but guro mangas are also included. So, anyone feeling like they didn't have enough of blood pouring from the pages of the two aforementioned artists, feel free to browse. I've been watching him for some time and can recommend it with clear conscience for anyone who is deathly bored with rubbish the mainstream is throwing at us.

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  1. Checking this out for morbid-curiositys' sake.

  2. That blog, it's... certainly interesting :P

  3. love this stuff! Nice one man :D

  4. is it polish? or france/
    i cannot tell the diff.
    prolly cuz it's not so diff